A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

Rid the Alamo Drafthouse of hidden lizard people and save the day in this throwback to classic FMV games like Night Trap and Ground Zero Texas! Shot on-site during Fantastic Fest 2016 for Fantastic Arcade. With Bennett Jones (I Am A Knife With Legs), Sagan Yee, Peter Kuplowsky, Fabian Velasco, Milos Mitrovic and many others. Click here to see the full presentation, and skip to 1:12:00 to see the game being played live in Cinema 3.

See also: Laser Blast The Game, shot at the Royal Cinema in Toronto.

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Published53 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
TagsFMV, live-action
Player countSingleplayer


Fantastic Motion Video 2016 (Win) (16 MB)
Fantastic Motion Video 2016 (Mac) (152 MB)