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Sagan Yee and Alex Leitch made a game for the 10th TOJam in Toronto! In fact, two half-games were made. This is one of them. Originally, we wanted to make a game that simulated the experience of trying to network at a large-scale conference or convention like GDC (which Sagan attended a couple months ago) and ended up modding Unity's rogue-like tutorial with (mostly) our own images. Mechanically we didn't change much, but instead of dungeon-crawling and dodging monsters, you're ripping up floor tiles trying to find the bathroom as you try to avoid human interaction as much as possible. We replaced Health with Ego, the apples with potato chips, and left the alcohol and dirt tiles untouched.

Sagan also made a Stencyl prototype where you look at people's conference badges and pass judgement on whether they're worthy of talking to or not, which I will link to separately.

Sound floater: Nick Komarnicki
Art floater: Sedona Pardham
(Unfortunately their work didn't make it into this version of the game as we ran out of time, but it wasn't their fault!)


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PrestigeQuest (Mac) 23 MB
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